The starting point of the planning is the so called “action field” in which the learner is located. It describes context, actions, resources and objectives of his/her activities.

The conversion of this action field into a learning field is facilitated by the LEVEL5 reference systems which derive the competences that are necessary to tackle the actions and solve the tasks in the field. As next step potential learning pathways are derived and useful contents, assignments and assessments can be determined, taking into account different competence dimensions (knowledge, skills, attitudes) and competence levels.



The delivery of learning is highly dependent on the context. It can range from a rather informal, self- guided learning (e.g. in learning on the job or in mobility settings) to more formal arrangements (e.g. in school projects or more guided continuing professional development (CPD) actions).

It can be a full course, a CPD-modules, an innovation workshop (design thinking), a blended learning programme, a research-based internship, a full traineeships, learning projects or informal (self-)learning activities in volunteering or personal development programmes. The context, the content and the objectives determine the delivery mode: it can be fully Face-to-face (if direct interaction is needed) – F2F units can be enriched with e-learning and projects – or it can be completely delivered online (in a mix of synchronous, asynchronous and collaborative modes). There are technically any limits – however the mode must fit to the purpose.

LEVEL5 largely supports blended, web-aided learning arrangements. We offer state-of-the-art learning technologies and an open learning space for these purposes.



The check-element refers to the validation within LEVEL5. Dependent on the identified action and learning field it covers the identification, documentation, assessment and certification of competences. It is largely based on the LEVEL5 reference systems that facilitate individual and contextualised validation. The learning outcomes are documented in LEVEL5 certificates including the dynamic LEVEL5 cube.