LEVEL5 is a taxonomic system for Competence Oriented Learning and Validation.


Its has been developed and substantiated since 2005 by experts from the blended learning institutions’ cooperative (blinc eG).

It has been applied in more than 40 European projects and 200 micro-learning projects in various educational fields with a focus on demand-driven, constructive learning.

Since 2013 the LEVEL5 approach and the related instruments have been widely disseminated by our European REVEAL network.

LEVEL5 comes with a toolbox consisting of:

  • Planning instruments for Competence Oriented Learning,
  • Fully-fledged (digitally supported) validation system,
  • Inventories for informal learning patterns and suitable assessment methods,
  • State-of-the-art learning technologies and
  • Online conferencing and collaboration tools.

If you would like to apply our approach and instruments, please contact us via info@level5.eu.