LEVEL5 Approach

LEVEL5 is based on a three-dimensional model which maps the development of:

  • Knowledge (-> cognitions)
  • Skills (-> actions) and
  • Attitudes (-> emotions and values)

along five quality levels – from beginner to competent expert.


This model forms the basis for the two core LEVEL5 instruments:

LEVEL5 Taxonomy

The LEVEL5 taxonomy (LEVEL5 reference system) is a 3-dimensional matrix with 5 competence levels, which facilitates the design and planning of informal/non-formal learning and the validation of competences in a specific practical action and learning field.


The LEVEL5 cube visualises a person’s competence development in a specific (preferably practical) learning field which is described in the so called LEVEL5 reference system. The LEVEL5 cube model reduces significantly the complexity when visualising and describing learning outcomes and thus providing an attractive presentation and documentation system for learning.

These two, rather simple instruments form the core of the LEVEL5 approach. They are backed up by scientific theory and a multitude of practice research projects. If you are interested in a little bit of theory please visit the sub-pages Compentence Theory and LEVEL5 Competence Taxonomy