Operationalising LEVEL5

Planning, Delivering and Validating Informal and Non-formal Learning

The LEVEL5 system builds on a Plan-Do-Check step approach, visualised in the inner circle.

Like a simplified PDCA management instrument it promotes

  1. the careful planning of demand-driven and competence-oriented learning, training and coaching
  2. the appropriate delivery of learning
  3. the competence validation and evaluation

The outer circle describes the methodological steps in more detail and introduces the instruments for planning, delivery and validation:

  1. The description of the action field (where the competences are required),
  2. The description of a potential learning field (where the competences are acquired,  based on contextualised LEVEL5 reference systems)
  3. Learning delivery based on tailor-made learning pathways in high didactic and mathetic quality,
  4. Adequate (formative and/or summative) assessments of competences in different stages of the learning journey and
  5. Meaningful and appropriate (informal or formal) documentation of learning outcomes  (“certification” or badging)

For a more detailed view on procedure and instruments please visit the respective subpages.